Nikon SLR Cameras

This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Use another card?


By reading the title of the topic, you can probably guess my problem here. My 16B SanDisk refuse to work in my Nikon D3200. Every time insert into the camera and turn it on it give me an error message saying "This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Use another card".
After this, I turned off my camera and inserted it into my MacBook Pro, went onto finder and the card wasnt read. Now I must mention that before it did this, it worked perfectly fine on my macbook (it only stopped working afterwards).
The reason I believe it stopped work was because I turned off the camera too soon after recording a video (stopped working after this).
Is there anyway that I can fix it?




Errors like this usually happen if it was pulled out of the card reader in the camera, if it was dropped or as you said, pulling out the sd card from the camera after the movie you were filming.

It is also known that The Sandisk sd cards are that compatible with specific Nikon cameras. I recommend formatting the disk. If it is still stuffing up after you formatted it, you should simply buy another sd card. Some good sd cards that are reliable are Panasonic and Lexar.